Key Features of Mobi-L

  • Space Efficient and Portable

    Mobi-L optimizes your clinic's layout, requiring only 6 sq ft area and reducing setup time. This efficiency enables doctors to serve more patients effectively.

  • Multi Limb personalize Training

    With 10+ attachments Mobi-L offers prcise, controlled training for 7+ joints with 20+ exercises for personalized rehabilitation, ensuring maximum results.

  • Multi-Mode Training

    Mobi-L's 8+ versatile training modes allow doctors to tailor treatments for Complete Recovery from Assisstive to Resistive

  • Personlized Assessment and Real time Progress

    Doctors gain insights into patient ROM, Strength, Speed and Reaction Time progress with real-time performance data. Analytical summary reports help reduce patient management time and enhance treatment decision-making

  • VR Based Activity of Daily Living

    Engage in immersive 3D simulations of 15+ daily activities, enhancing the rehabilitation experience and aiding recovery.

  • Gamified Recovery

    Mobi-L transforms rehabilitation with 12+ Games, motivating patients with 9 different levels of challenges for faster, more enjoyable recovery.


Empowering Clinicians with Mobi-L

Discover how Mobi-L empowers clinicians with efficient clinical setups and data-driven insights. See how it streamlines operations, enhances patient management, and assists in making well-informed decisions. Find out how Mobi-L transforms the way doctors approach physiotherapy.

Mobi-L's quick and hassle-free setup, taking less than 10 seconds, allows doctors to dedicate more time to patient care.

With 20+ different exercises and 10+ attachments, Mobi-L ensures precise muscle training, enhancing rehabilitation precision and treatment customization.

Mobi-L provides real-time performance results and graphical representation of patient progress, facilitating data-driven decisions for treatment adjustments.

Clinicians can multitask while patients enjoy gamified exercises. This efficiency streamlines clinical workflows, allowing doctors to focus on various tasks.

Collaborating with us opens up transformative possibilities, enhancing patient care and the field of physiotherapy.

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Mobi-L offers a compact yet powerful rehab companion, ensuring a more personalized and efficient recovery experience.

With 7+ joints, 20+ exercises, and 10 attachments,Mobi-L allows for precise and controlled training tailored to individual requirements.

Patients can experience a wide range of training modes, including assistive, activeresistive,which adapt to their unique rehabilitation needs.

Mobi-L provides real-time performance results and analytical summary reports, enabling patients to stay informed about their recovery.

Absolutely, Mobi-L offers 3D simulations of daily activities and engaging games with various levels,making recovery enjoyable and motivating.

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