Key Features of Mend

  • Easy setup

    Set up MEND in under 10 seconds, ensuring quick and instant readiness for rehabilitation needs.

  • Portable

    Weighing just 3kg, MEND is designed for easy portability, enabling convenient home visits.

  • Multi-Limb Training

    Offering over 10 different exercises, MEND allows you to target specific muscle groups efficiently.

  • Multiple Static and Dynamic Balance Training

    With 4 different training modes for static and dynamic balance training, MEND enhances proprioception and coordination, vital for balance improvement.

  • Gamified Training

    Featuring 6 multi-directional fun games with three levels each, MEND enhances cognition, coordination, control, and proprioception through engaging gameplay.

  • Training Analysis

    MEND provides different insightful graphical representations of training data, aiding in treatment planning and progression assessment for patients.


Empowering Clinicians with Mend

Learn how Mend can enhance your clinic's efficiency and transform the way you approach physiotherapy.

Mend's lightweight and portable design facilitate easy transportation, enabling doctors to conduct sessions in patients' homes more conveniently. This mobility minimizes travel time, allowing practitioners to serve more patients without compromising quality care.

Mend's ability to assist patients independently allows doctors to focus on other essential tasks while ensuring patients receive consistent care. This feature optimizes healthcare resources and improves overall patient experience.

Mend's graphical representation of patient data helps doctors analyze progress comprehensively. This visual aid assists in planning future treatment strategies, ensuring more effective and personalized patient care.

Mend's quick setup for training multiple joints streamlines clinic operations. This efficiency minimizes downtime between patient sessions, optimizing the doctors's schedule and enabling them to focus more on patient care.

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Mend's rapid setup ensures minimal wait times for patients, allowing them to commence their therapy sessions promptly. This time-saving feature offers convenience and maximizes the duration of their therapy.

Mend's portability provides patients with the convenience of receiving physiotherapy in the comfort of their homes. The reduced travel time for therapists ensures patients have more personalized and accessible care

Mend's diverse exercises allow patients to experience targeted therapy addressing specific muscle groups. This tailored approach accelerates their recovery by focusing on individual needs.

Mend's various training modes specifically designed for balance and coordination significantly aid patients in their recovery journey. These modes help patients regain stability and coordination, vital for their rehabilitation.

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