Our Mission

Revolutionizing Rehabilitation, One Breakthrough at a Time

Make objective, goal based physical rehabilitation tools accessible to every person undergoing physiotherapy

Our Products



Mobi-L has over 7 different limb exercises to EVALUATE, ASSIST, STRENGTHEN and ENGAGE your patients with analytical representation of their performance.

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Mend is your gateway to improved balance, coordination, and stability. With precise Static and Dynamic training, it helps you regain confidence in your movement.

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Why Choose Rymo for Your Recovery Needs?

Innovation That Elevates Recovery

Rymo leads the way in rehabilitation innovation, employing cutting-edge technology to amplify the recovery journey, not just for patients but for healthcare providers too.

Personalised, Goal-Based Rehabilitation Tools

We offer solutions tailor-made to meet individual goals, ensuring a customized approach to recovery that benefits both patients and professionals.

Measurable Outcomes That Matter

With Rymo, you can witness tangible progress, the kind that truly makes a difference in healthcare settings. Rymo sets the stage for transformative recovery.